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About Sîth Legîon

Welcome to the Sith Legion Guild Site!

We are a Progression Raiding Guild that also PVP's we have been around for little over 2 years now.  We are here to have fun, most of us are good friends; some in real life; and overall we are a very friendly people with a positive sense of humor and a very laid back attitude. With an extensive knowledge of the game and its dynamics, we can help you to achieve not only your goals but those of the guild.  We continually search for like-minded people that enjoy their time on World of Warcraft.  Sith Legion is not ran by one person, but rather a collective of people that share and implement their ideas.


If you came to this site because you read a message in-game or were just directed to do so by a friend then please continue reading.


Currently, we are "selectively" recruiting ACTIVE level 85  players for Group Content (Raid Progression, Rated Battle Grounds...etc.). We are not accepting every applicant you will be notified in game if you are accepted.


  • Are you tired of rude players, immaturity, and people telling you how to play a game that YOU pay monthly for?
  • Do you feel your experience and expertise is over looked and you know your personal talents can be better utilized somewhere else?
  • Are you looking for a different social setting?
  • Are you just unhappy with your role and/or situation with your present guild?


Whatever your reason may be, consider joining the Sith Legion family. It’s nice to be able to play a game knowing that you’re surrounded by mature like-minded people, and that is what we strive for when looking for new members. We carefully choose our members so that one, you are comfortable with us and two, we know that we chose the right person to be part of our community. 

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